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Renpower Maghreb 2021

14 – 15 December 21

Online Live Event – 14 & 15 December 2021       

Renpower Maghreb 2021 – Powering ahead with big renewable energy plans – 6th edition

The Maghreb countries are showing increased efforts to integrate renewable electricity into their energy mix, evidencing their move towards a competitive regional electricity market. The evolving supply-demand dynamics becomes a  new catalyst for clean power transition, as an increasing renewables demand is driving the Maghreb energy market. Enhanced by new technology implementation, the region is also entering the race for renewable energy and green hydrogen production. Moving forward, it is aiming to play a significant role as a reliable supplier to fuel Europe’s ambition to reach a dominantly renewables-based energy mix. This 6th edition of Renpower Maghreb will showcase in depth Morocco, Mauritania, Algeria and Tunisia, gathering 200+ participants to discuss the latest achievements and prospects for the electricity sector through renewables. Investors, technology providers, developers and stakeholders are all on stage to participate in the next phases of developments and take advantage of new business opportunities in these countries.


  • Prioritizing clean energy investment to diversify electricity generation mix and mitigate challenges – Morocco and Mauritania (Part 1);
  • State-of-the-art technology – a key driver for clean power transition and energy efficiency in Maghreb;
  • Prioritizing clean energy investment to diversify electricity generation mix and mitigate challenges – Algeria and Tunisia (Part 2);
  • Funding the next phases of development for utility infrastructure, off-grid solutions, energy storage and green hydrogen.


All these questions, challenges and further prospects will be discussed during presentations and moderated panel discussions. Furthermore, there will be live Q&A and direct networking available for all the attendees being linked to the conference platform.

Enjoy a full event experience!

Why attend:
• 4 Panel Sessions in 2 days of online streaming – 7+ hours of valuable content;
• 25+ expert speakers to learn about renewable energy developments in the whole Maghreb;
• Participate to the live Q&A and also access the on-demand recording of the event to view the presentations and panel discussions later on;
• Access our platforms to network with attendees for up to 5 weeks after the event (create your profile, schedule meetings, messaging and more);
• Connect from anywhere in the world & share business opportunities!

Tuesday, 14 December 2021
14:00 – 17:30 (Local Time in Tunis/Casablanca)
Wednesday, 15 December 2021
14:00 – 17:30 (Local Time in Tunis/Casablanca)
Place: Virtual Platform (Online)

1 delegate – Early Bird Rate: EUR 299 / Standard Rate: EUR 399
2 delegates – Early Bird Rate: EUR 349 / Standard Rate: EUR 449
3 delegates – Early Bird Rate: EUR 449 / Standard Rate: EUR 549
*Early bird rate valid until 19 November of before.
**Payment instructions will be given following your registration.


Michel Masquelier
Event Manager
+32 2 662 16 12