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Renpower Togo

06 June 24

Solar PV – Smart grid – Wind Systems – Energy Storage – Green Hydrogen – Financing

Togo powers towards a brighter, more sustainable future!
The Togolese government is investing a staggering 57 billion FCFA to propel universal energy access across the nation.
Togo is implementing a myriad of projects, including the renowned CIZO initiative, electrification endeavors spanning 317 localities, and innovative ventures like the Tinga Fund along with the extension of the Blitta solar power plant and the start of construction work on the Sokodé photovoltaic power plant.

The horizon of 2030 beckons with the promise of universal energy access, as Togo strategically navigates its National Electrification Strategy.
The country generates some of its own electricity – mainly thermal –  but imports the majority from neighbors Nigeria and Ghana, so providing access to electricity to 66% of the population.
Togo is steadfastly transitioning towards self-sufficiency, focusing on green energies to power its progress.

This will involve notably a combination of new solutions (mini-grid and off-grid) and the extension of the electricity network.
Raising the share of renewable energy through small scale solar photovoltaic and exploiting hydropower is the current route chosen for electrification in Togo.
The authorities have set the target of not only achieving 100% electrification rate by 2030,  but in the same time, generating 50% of its energy mix from renewables by 2025.

To meet this challenge, the Togolese authorities are targeting to install 555,000 solar kits, 315 or more mini solar grids, connect 960 new localities to the network, provide electrification to 400,000 households currently not electrified, install 108 MW or more of additional generation on the network.
Looking ahead, Togo is inviting investments, partnerships, and collaborations to amplify its efforts.
Whether you’re a developer, an EPC contractor, a financier, or part of the legal and advisory sector, opportunities abound in Togo’s burgeoning energy market.

Join us at RENPOWER TOGO 2024 on June 6th in Lomé, Republic of Togo, for an immersive exploration of Togo’s energy landscape.
Featuring over 20 speakers and experts across five sessions, delve into topics ranging from sustainable power solutions to financing mechanisms driving electrification, and network with like-minded delegates from the both private and public sector.

Date: 6 June 2024
Time: 09:00 – 18:00
Venue: Lomé, Republic of Togo (in-person)

The program is spread over 5 sessions covering timely topics such as:

Togo’s Renewable Energy Roadmap: Driving Sustainable Growth Beyond 2024
Ongoing Projects and New Opportunities for Private Sector
New developments in Togo’s Mining Sector: Building New Value Chains and Sustainable Market
Togo’s Progress Towards Universal Electricity Access
Financing the Next Wave of Renewable Energy Projects and TOGO’s Plan to Support its Sustainable Strategy

Attending: Key stakeholders including representatives from the government, International Finance Institutions (IFIs), policy makers, international and local developers, EPC contractors, independent power producers, large electricity consumers, battery storage technology providers, engineering, legal and advisory services, manufacturers, banking and private equity entities.

Agenda and registration – The detailed agenda, speaker line-up and registration form will be available upon your written inquiry.
Early bird conditions are currently applied so make sure to take advantage.

For more information, please contact:

Michel Masquelier
Event Manager
+32 2 662 16 12