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Renpower Maghreb – The 4th Renewable Energy & Power Infrastructure Investors Conference

12 – 13 December 19

Tunis – 12.12.2019 – 13.12.2019

Renpower Maghreb Investors 2019 – The Renewable Energy, Power Infrastructure & Energy Efficiency Conference will be the leading marketplace and networking venue for exchanging ideas between the key local stakeholders and international market participants looking at the Maghreb countries.

Taking place in Tunis at the Laico Hotel on 12-13 December 2019, it will include the 4th edition of the well-established annual Renpower Tunisia. The two-day event will focus on current development in the five Maghreb countries – each of them will be individually visited highlighting government initiatives, regulatory and institutional framework, international cooperation, investment potential and funding strategies for the renewable energy sector.

Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and Libya are showing increased efforts to integrate renewable electricity into their energy mix. Likewise, many other countries, they have adopted renewable energy targets, defining future shares of “green” electricity in their national power generation markets. However, the individual national targets are relatively varied, reflecting the different availability of renewable resources in each country, but also the different political goals for renewable electricity in the Maghreb states. As such, there is not a linear and standard electricity market optimization model that could be applied to the Maghreb countries. Many investors, technology providers and financing institutions are eyeing it as a potentially regional market as they develop in a more integrated renewable energy entity. The five countries are enjoying a high level of solar and wind energy while biomass can be further worked out as well. Investment and financing needs are big, opening the doors for serious business development opportunities and partnerships – both on and off grid.

Save the dates and make sure to be part of the new projects shaping up for the upcoming decade.

For more information, please contact:

Michel Masquelier
Event Manager
+32 2 662 16 12