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Renpower Greece

21 March 24

Solar PV – Smart grid – Wind Systems – Carbon Capture – Energy Storage – Green Hydrogen – Financing

The year 2023 was a year of records for Greece as it hit record output in solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy. According to IPTO (the Independent Power Transmission Operator), power produced by renewables and hydroelectric plants accounted for 57% of Greece’s energy mix last year (an 8.5% annual rise from 2022). Developments in the renewable energy sector are expected to keep up with pace, headed by an updated and revised National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) which was prepared and re-submitted to the European Commission at the beginning of November 2023. According to the Renewable Energy Sources Operator & Guarantees of Origin (DAPEEP SA), renewable energy source penetration in 2024 is expected to reach 2,017-MW – including 385 MW to be provided by new wind farms, 1,600 MW from PVs, 13 MW from small-scale hydropower plants, and other. Join us and learn more at the 5th Renpower Greece conference Powering ahead with big RES & Storage plans, part of our Renpower series of events to promote the just-energy transition, use of renewable energy and accompany you in the decarbonization journey.

21 of March 2024
Time: 09:00 – 17:45
Venue: Athens (in-person)

Be part of the conversation, network and learn about the latest developments and business opportunities ahead.

Featuring 20+ speakers and experts, the program is spread over 5 sessions covering timely topics such as:

  • Session 1: New Key-Drivers – Leading the Greek Energy Transition – Regulatory Framework & Tenders
  • Session 2: Project Development – Power Generation and Related Technology: Solar, Wind and Hydropower
  • Session 3: Energy Storage Systems (ESS): A Prerequisite for further Penetration of RES
  • Special Topic: Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS): The Cornerstone to Net Zero Transition
  • Session 4: Ramping Up Green H2 Production and Role of Natural Gas as a Transition Fuel
  • Session 5: Investing and Financing the Greek Energy Transition – Access to Capital to back RES & Storage Projects


This business development platform will be a not-to-be-missed market place for the whole value chain and stakeholders already involved or looking to the country.

Attending: Key stakeholders including representatives from the government, International Finance Institutions (IFIs), policy makers, international and local developers, EPC contractors, independent power producers, large electricity consumers, battery storage technology providers, engineering, legal and advisory services, manufacturers, banking and private equity entities.

Agenda and registration – The detailed agenda, speaker line-up and registration form will be available upon your written inquiry. Early bird conditions are currently applied so make sure to take advantage.

For more information, please contact:

Jose Romero
Event Manager
+1 407 227 3831