Notice : COVID-19

As a valuable partner and colleague of Euroconvention Global, we wanted to let you know that we are with you during these unprecedented times.

For the safety and interest of all involved, we are re-scheduling the three most upcoming events of the Renpower Investors Tour 2020:

  • Renpower Pakistan – normally scheduled on March 25 (Serena hotel, Islamabad)
  • Renpower DR Congo – normally scheduled on April 8 (Memling hotel, Kinshasa)
  • Renpower Morocco – normally scheduled on April 21 (The View hotel, Rabat)

As you know, travel constraints in place these last days by many governments around the world affect the entry and exit of people in the respective countries as well as group gatherings.

The new dates will be confirmed according to the evolution of the situation but we have already pre-booked the same respective conference venue in order to announce the following tentative dates:

  • Renpower Morocco for June 4
  • Renpower Pakistan for June 25
  • Renpower DR Congo for July  9

We will continue to monitor the situation closely as ensuring the safety of the participants is our top priority. We also request attendees from risk areas, or who believe they may have been exposed to the virus not to attend the event. We will keep all attendees fully informed of any developments, and should the event eventually be postponed, we will provide credit for any future event. Again, we will be continuously communicating, monitoring and will take any precautions as needed.

We have been in the event industry for over 30 years and strongly believe in the power of building personal connections. For now, for the safety of all, these events are re-scheduled, but we know that the world is working together so that we can once again meet without risks and fully enjoy each other’s company.

We know the value of our events and how they impact your business so we want to assure you that we will be there to help, for your safety and keep your business moving forward.

See you soon!

The Euroconvention Global Team